Dear Parents and Students,

Al-Noor Indian Matriculation School is the heavenly abode of true worshippers. It is the school of people. Determination diligence and patience not only take us closer to the success but also provide a legitimate channel to meet the goal. The way of success may be difficult but not impossible. More ever, one should pursue his/her responsibilities with honesty and dedication. One has to achieve several goals while moving towards his /her ultimate objective.

I hope that this year will be an enjoyable year, in which you will be challenged to learn and study. We will have a very positive, rewarding, exciting school year with your cooperation. As always, the teachers have been working hard to get ready for an exciting year.

We at AIMS genuinely want to work, together with our parents to make our school environment the very best for our children. Our school needs parents to help in the growth and development of children. This is addition to having a faculty and staff that is highly qualified and committed, will promote academic excellence of your child, Education is apriority at AIMS! We have received several awards and recognitions at the local, state and district level for academic and extra activities excellence.

The task of teaching is in itself an example of such a responsibility where a teacher should adopt it not just for the purpose of employment and livelihood but for aim of serving the society we owe to work for the betterment of.

AIMS provides an education by character is formed, strength of mind is increased the intellect is expanded and by which one can stand on one's own feet not only nationally but internationally and globally.

All new and returning students and parents will be expected to follow the rules and procedures outlined in the school diary. Please review the Diary with your Child. The Diary does a good job of explaining a typical year at our school. By reading it, you will have better idea of what to expect. By signing (School application form and student diary) the code of conduct confirmation at personal data page, you acknowledge that you are aware and abide bye the school rules and education policies. Also, you have given permission for your student to participate in field trips within the system.

I on behalf of AIMS family extend a warm and heart felt welcome to you as we embark on our mission of divulging authentic education.

Students, we hope you are looking forward to the school year, as much as we are. Parents, the door are always open, and we invite you to come and volunteer your time and ideas. You and your children are very important to us. We are glad to have you with us this year. We want to assure you that we will do our best to help your child experience academic, social, and emotional growth. We should, with your cooperation, have an excellent and positive school year.

Always at your service,
Al-Noor Indian Matriculation School
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