1.Be prompt and be prepared
2.Speak respectfully and with permission of the teacher.
3.Refrain from interrupting the teaching/learning process.
4.Use classroom time wisely
5.Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.

Hall/Passage Rules:
1.Walk on the right side of the hall
2.Stay in an orderly line
3.Be silent in the hall/passage
4.Keep your hand and feet to yourself.
5.Follow teacher direction and tips.

Lunch Time Rules:
1.Remain silent while in line
2. Remain seated.
3.Keep noise level down.
4.Keep all food box on your side.
5.Clean up area before leaving.
6. Listen, respect, and obey the Lunch time monitors and any other school helping adult. (Like Ayyamma, Driver and Cleaners)

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