FIELD TRIPS: Field trips are an important part of the total instructional program. We want all children to participate in these trips. No child will be denied a trip due to luck of funds, when a planned trip requires a fee. If a student does not attend a field trip due to reason other than lack or funds, the student will remain at school and be given an alternative assignment.

Student Progress: Parents should be aware of the importance of student performance. Parental support and awareness should begin on the first day of school and not end during the school year. Be aware of the various reporting periods for student progress. When report cards are sent home, please see that they are signed and returned promptly.

Telephone: The School telephone is a business phone (Our School phone not to have out going call facilities only incoming..!). . No student should expect to use the phone during school hours, unless it is an emergency School management cell phone can use this event. No parent should expect the school to take a telephone message for his/her child. Please make sure that you give your child definite instructions before he/she leaves home in the morning. Only in case of an extreme emergency will any messages be delivered during the day. Certainly we want to work together for the best interest of the children of our school. Please understand that it is important for everyone to cooperate with us in this matter.

Reviewing Students Records:
A parent/legal guardian can request from the school principal the opportunity to look over the permanent student status book of their children. After the request, the school will set up an appointment to view the child's records within a reasonable time after the request. When call for parent meeting, also the parent can see their child permanent student status book. No contents of the student's permanent records can be removed at that time by the parent/legal guardian.

Parent Conferences: The Principal /Teacher are here to assist you with your concerns regarding the education and behavior of your children. Please schedule a conference with your child's teacher to discuss any concerns. Also please follow up on conferences requested by the teacher concerning your child.

Bicycles: Student can ride bicycle and come to school, It is strongly recommended that all bicycles be locked during the school day and keep it on allotted Bicycle area or stand. It is the safety concern that student wear helmets when riding their bicycles. We will adhere to the safety. The Safety is important our Al- Noor Indian Matriculation School student.

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