In regards to the formation of the code of conduct, representative opinions were solicited from the following groups: Students, parents, teachers and the administrators. Although the various groups provided the input, the principal will be the final authority regarding interpretation and implementation of the code.


The reasons for developing the code of behavior include following considerations:

  • Students must responsible for their actions and self-control in all situations.
  • Respect for fellow students, teachers, substitute teachers, student teachers, teacher aides, parent aides, and all other adults of authority is an essential element of good behavior.
  • Respect for the personal property rights of others is a must if good order is to b maintained.
  • Each student shall respect the school building, equipment, as well as other school property.

Keeping the above in mind, if students are made aware of what is expected of them, if follows that they will better be able to perform as expected in the school environment. Also, the fact that the students had input into the code will hopefully have a positive correlation with the degree of compliance.

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