The Library:

The Library is another most important extension of the classroom. The Librarian and her assistant have the same authority as classroom teachers. DISRUPTIVE STUDENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO REMAIN IN THE LIBRARY.

Library Books: All library books must be returned in a timely basis as specified by the Media in-charge or Librarian. All books not turned in will result in one of the following consequences: withholding the report car, loss of library checkout privileges, or class extra activities privilege. Students who damage books will be charges an amount comparable to the cost of repairing or replacing the book. Students will not be allowed to check out library books until payment has been received fro said books. If a book is not returned by the end of the year, the student will not be allowed to register for the next school year until the book is returned or payment for the book is made to the Media center. Please note that we would rather have to book so that other student can enjoy reading that book. If the book is found after payment has been made, a request for a refund will be given for the book.

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