Toilets Rules

1.School Working time need to get permission from Teacher.
2.Keep noise level down.
3.Flush water after using toilets.
4.Turn off all faucets.
5.Throw unwanted items to trash can
6.No playing in the Toilets Room.
7.Boys Must use any time (on/off hours) Boy's Toilet only
8.Girls Must use any time (on/off hours) Girl's Toilet only
9.Staff can use their designated toilets only.
10.Follow school hygiene and neatness instructions.

School Toilets:

Everyone should work toward keeping the toilet room clean and safe. If a mess is made accidentally, it should be reported immediately in order for the situation to be corrected. Each student must be responsible for his/her behavior in the Toilet. Student should NOT run, play, climb on partitions or sinks, write on the toilet walls. Each student should report to his/her teacher anything that happened out of the ordinary while he/she was in the Toilet.

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