Walking Students:

Bringing to school and picking them up in the evening.

Please follow the pickup/drop off procedure outlined by the school management. Establish a place for you and your child to meet at 3.45pm each day near school side entrance door (Note: Please Do not wait or meet on School Main Door, This entrance exclusively use school transport only). Prior to dismissal, your child's teacher is giving the end of the day instructions and listening for van/bus to be called. Please allow them to give full attention to the closing activities.

Please cooperate with the school safety program, teachers and administrator. The life you save may be your own child's. The adult on duty is primarily for the safety of your child(ren). Please follow the directions and instructions of the adult in charge. Rude behavior is not needed nor will it be tolerated. If necessary, your information will be taken and forwarded to our school management for further action.

We as adults should be role models for our children when it comes to obeying and following rules and procedure.

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