In the name of God, the Merciful the Compassionate
All praise to God who creates
and sustains the world.
His grace is unlimited, His mercy infite,
Master of the Day of Judgment,
We workship you alone.
And to you alone we turn for help.
Guide us on the straight path.
The path of those whom you blessed,
Not of those who went astray
And incurred you wrath.


This Morning, I take the pledge
That I Shall be loyal to my country
That I Shall dedicate myself myself to get service of our nation
and our people.
That I Shall preserve the freedom of our sacred land
And work for its prosperity.
And that I Shall strive for world peace and the brotherhood of man.
I Love and respect all as brothers and sisters.
I Shall be courteous in my behaviour and brave in my work.
Fear of God, Kindness and bravery shall be my guiding stat.

-Jai Hind.
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