The philosophy of the administration of Al-Noor Indian Matriculation School is to enable each individual pupil to find and accept the pupil's place in a complicated and ever-changing society.

At each level of a child's development, the school's responsibility is to motivate a readiness to learn. Challenging learning experiences should follow this motivation. From these experiences the child can progress successfully in accordance with the child's maturation.

All teachers must be aware of the physical, mental, emotional, aesthetic and social needs of the individual. Recognition of the differences in these needs is fundamental. The School must provide experiences that the child needs to develop as a useful citizen, conscientious worker, and good family member.

The ultimate purpose in the this school is to help each students develop strong character, good physical and emotional habits, positive attitudes, aesthetic appreciation and fundamental academic skills. With this realization of the school's purpose, each student should make progress toward becoming a well-adjusted citizen, able to think and communicate in a complex world.

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